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atkins diet : atkins diet induction phase

Atkins Diet Induction - the first two weeks

Weight Loss Help > Atkins Diet > Atkins Diet Induction

About the Atkins Diet Induction

The purpose of the first 2 weeks induction phase of the atkins diet, as written in the Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution, is to start a change in you metabolism, to start your body burning fat rather than the carbohydrates, stabilize your blood sugar levels, and break addictions.

During the first two weeks you must eat no more than 20 grams of carbohydrate per day, the majority of which should come from vegetables and salads. You have to cut all breads, pasta, coffee, and alcohol, to mention but a few, from your diet. You may experience headaches, and other typical detoxification feelings during these weeks, but ultimately it is well worth while.
Foods allowed during first two week induction phase include:

  • Fish, including: tuna, salmon, sole, trout
  • Fowl, including: chicken, turkey, duck, goose
  • Shellfish, including: lobster, squid, prawns
  • Meats, including: pork, beef, lanb, bacon, ham
  • Also: eggs, up to 90grams of most cheeses a day and 230-340 grams of salads.

Within a short space of time you find yourself in control of your diet, no longer sleepy after lunch, and feeling more energetic.

We strongly recommend buying both the Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution and for help with cooking new meals, the Dr. Atkins New Carbohydrate Counter. Both are fairly cheap and provide a wealth of information on the induction and 1st two weeks.

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