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how many calories do i need

How Many Calories Do I Need? - Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

Weight Loss Help > How Many Calories Do I Need?

How Many Calories Do I Need? - per day

As a basic rule of thumb the calories you need per day are:

Women: 2000
Men: 2500

However this of course varies depending on how active you are. The basal metabolic rate calculator, gives your base calories required then adds a lifestyle percentage to give an indication of how many calories you as an individual need per day.

Basal Metabolic Rate plus Lifestyle Calculator

Weight (kilos)
How active:
If you're unsure - use our lifestyle activity calculator
Daily calories need:


caloriecounter.co.uk - calories needed and further information

discovery.com - basal metabolic rate calculator


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weight loss help : how many calories do i need

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