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finding my truth

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 finding my truth
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Posted - 19 Jul 2006 :  02:25:02  Show Profile  Edit Topic  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Topic
Finding my "Truth"

One of the first things I learned on my journey towards becoming a Thin and Serene me was, that not everything I hear or read is my "Truth". Being it's my recovery it's my job to determine what is my "Truth" and what is not my "Truth". Before my recovery journey, I believed almost everything I heard or read was my "Truth", especially if it was the newest diet fad. What I have learned now is; when I hear about something new it's my job to chew on it for a while before deciding if it's my "Truth". After chewing on it for a time, I have a choice I can either swallow it or spit it out.

In the beginning this concept felt very foreign to me. What gave me the right to determine what was right for me. I certainly did not feel like the expert. It was a lot easier to let society, well meaning friends, books, commercials, ect. decide what was my "Truth".

As I started developing this part of me, I call it my "Truth o Meter", I find I do know what's best for me. Listed below are some of my Thin and Serene: A Way of Life "Truths". Maybe some of them are your "Truths" too, maybe not. Feel free to chew on them for a few minutes to find out.

-Food is not the answer, The food addict part of me had me believing food was the only answer. There were times when my addict had me truly believing that if I did not continue eating, until I got sick, I would die.

-There is another meal coming. Before recovery the part of me that innately knew there is another meal coming was broken, In my addict infested mind every meal was my last.

-It's impossible to have just another bite today and remain a Thin and Serene me tomorrow; My addict had me brainwashed into thinking I could have just one bit and then quit. It did not matter how many times I proved it wrong, two seconds later it would have me believing it again.

-It's OK for me to waste food. I have two choices I can either waste food on my waist and get bigger and bigger or I can waste food in the garbage. In the beginning of my journey I had a trick I use to play on my addict with pepper. When I was finishing dinner, especially at a restaurant, and I would have that second when my body would say I'm full: I would pick up the pepper unscrew the lid and dump it on rest of my food before my addict could make me finish it. I know this sounds drastic but my drastic disease led me to drastic measures.

-With some foods one is to many and a million is not enough. For me there are four kinds of foods: foods that I don't like, foods that are OK, foods that I love and foods that I love that love me back. It's the food that I love that love me back where One is too many and a million is not enough. In early recovery I had to be willing to rid my house of all the food that I loved that loved me back.
Again another drastic measure for my deadly disease.

ps....I did find the longer I stayed away from the foods that I loved that love me back the more I began to love the food that use to be just OK. Now three of my favorite foods are okra, butternut squash, and zuccinni, who would have ever thought.

ActivityI did: Made a list of as many foods as i could think of and put them in the above catagories. Rid my house of the food that i love that love me back. Then i sit back and relaxed and see what happened to my list of just OK foods. Many of my just ok food moved to food i love.

Activity i did: Made a list of 10 of my "Truths". It's important for me to exercise my "Truth O Meters". Keeping in mind that what feels like my "Truth" today could change tomorrow. Especially in the beginning when i was just learning to determine what was my"Truth".

Thin and Serene for you and me

taken from my food auto-biography

ps If you find one of my shares is not your "Truth", don't forget to just spit it out.


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Posted - 27 Nov 2006 :  18:33:36  Show Profile  Edit Reply  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Reply
very interesting
tis a pity that no one seems to have responded.
i would love to know more

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