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SBD Phase 1 oopsies

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 SBD Phase 1 oopsies
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Posted - 14 Jun 2004 :  20:41:10  Show Profile  Edit Topic  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Topic
Okay, I have been on what I thought was the South Beach Diet for the past week. I bought the book, read it cover to cover, made a shopping list, and off I went. But I seem to have missed a couple things.

The first few days I was hungry a lot, probably because I wasn't adding anything to each meal replace the carbs I wasn't eating. I made up for it with extra snacks, but since they were mostly nuts, I was going way over the 15 nuts/day rule.

For breakfast and lunch I have been eating fast food for as long as I can remember; my job and our six-month-old keep mine and my wife's shopping and cooking opportunities to a minimum. That hasn't changed; I just now get it without the bread: McDonald's breakfast biscuits without the biscuits; Wendy's and Chick-Fil-A grilled-chicken salads (with low-carb dressing) and/or burgers/grilled chicken sandwiches without the bun (or ketchup). After those first few hungry days I started to make up for the missing bread by doubling the order - two biscuits' or burgers' worth of filling, or a burger to go with the salad.

Saturday I did get to eat breakfast at home, so it was more healthful scrambled eggs with turkey bacon and cottage cheese. And dinner is much more likely to be home made; we had a nice London Broil last week, for instance, and while my wife put Béarnaise sauce on hers, I stuck to horseradish, and had cottage cheese instead of rolls. This week I look forward to a few home-cooked meals: grilled chicken, pork chops, and steak.

But I haven't lost any inches in a week, and while I have lost between 5 and 8 lbs, that's well within my normal variation. I also didn't notice the "only 8oz of caffeinated beverages per day" limit; I got the impression that caffeine was OK, which is good, since I pretty much live on Diet Coke. I mean, I've cut way down since I had an episode of atrial fibrillation probably brought on by caffeine two years ago; at that point I was easly drinking between a 6-pack and a 12-pack a day, all full-caffeine. Now I drink club soda/sparkling water or CF Diet Coke when I can, but most of the time my options are plain water or full-caffeine Diet Coke, and I opt for the Diet Coke in those situations. I tried drinking just water for a while and just couldn't keep it up. So now I'm drinking two or three large fountain Diet Cokes per day, which with ice subtracted is 50-75 oz, rather more than 8 oz. Heck, just one can is 12 oz. I was hoping not to have to try to change two aspects of my lifestyle at once here - giving up caffeine while dieting at the same time seems like a formula for disaster.

But I'm not sure the diet is working, and I wonder if the caffeine is the culprit. At this point I'm considering starting over (that is, extending phase 1 for two more weeks instead of one more), being more strictly observant of the rules, to see how that goes before moving on to phase 2.

Anyone else have any similar experience? Any suggestions?



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Posted - 15 Jun 2004 :  15:50:43  Show Profile  Edit Reply  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Reply
Hello there.I am new to this site bit when I read your post I had to reply.I had a problem about 2 months ago,when like you I thought,I was following the SBD but I really wasn't.I had cut all the carbs out of my diet.I did away with all the breads pastas etc.Yeah I lost a lot of weight but I also started feeling dizzy and light-headed.This diet does work and is easy to follow but you have to do it right!So I've started all over and I plan to follow the rules this time.It is hard with a busy life-style when it seems that your on the go all the time..But there are ways to do it.I started bringing leftovers to work for breakfast.If you get your mind set that breakfast doesn't have to be the traditional bacon and egg thing it gets easier.Or you can have cheeses and veggies etc.If you need any help let me know,I'll do what I can.Sometimes it just helps to have a buddy who is going through the same thing.If you don't mind me asking how much do you have to lose?I'm trying for about 70 lbs.Well,good luck.Hang in there.Later

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2 Posts

Posted - 15 Jun 2004 :  16:53:15  Show Profile  Edit Reply  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Reply
Originally posted by cluricsmum

If you don't mind me asking how much do you have to lose?
I'm trying for about 70 lbs.

I don't mind. I'm 6'3" and started out at 272 lbs with a 46" waist.
According to the charts I am large-framed and therefore need to lose about 65 lbs (to 207); according to the BMI, I need to get all the way down to 200. However, I have set myself a more modest goal of getting my BMI out of the "obese" range and into the merely "overweight" range, which means dropping below 240, with some room to spare. So my official SBD goal weight is 230, about a 40-lb loss, which I hope to reach by the holidays; I also want to get my waistline back under 40". Based on how long it takes to get there and how things go etc. I'll decide whether to switch to phase 3 immediately or set a new goal and stay on phase 2 until I get there.

Well, good luck. Hang in there!


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Posted - 15 Jun 2004 :  20:38:49  Show Profile  Edit Reply  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Reply
Not to get off the beaten path, but I read the comment on BMI. Don't focus too much on that primarily because BMI doesn't take into account individuals' different body structures. For example, I recently did a health fair in which this gentleman was a wrestler. You could tell by looking at him that he very little fat on his body. Because he was short (5'4") but was extremely muscular, his BMI was reading him as being overweight. There is a fault to the BMI factor just because it doesn't give into account for all body types. It goes by the "average" person.
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4 Posts

Posted - 16 Jun 2004 :  23:41:45  Show Profile  Edit Reply  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Reply
Hello again,Yeah I agree with the BMI thing,Even my doctor said she did'nt put much stock in it.It's just a base for the average person.Has any one tried the bowls at Arby's?Their a life saver for a lunch break at work.so Marcos are you still on a plateu or have you started losing again?I don't think the caffeine has any thing to do with it.I don't believe caffeine is very good for you but that's only becouse it can raise your blood pressure etc.But then they ( whoever they is)say salt,eggs,fat etc.is bad for you also!!!So who knows?My Mom is 80 years old and she's ate fat back and fried eggs all her life!lol So you don't think losing 8 lbs in week is a good thing?I hope I do as well.Untill next time...
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4 Posts

Posted - 19 Jun 2004 :  15:59:56  Show Profile  Edit Reply  Reply with Quote  View user's IP address  Delete Reply
Hi Marcus.

When I first started the diet I was using a magazine version which said tea and coffee were allowed if taken balck or with skimmed milk. I'm not a big tea/coffee person but I have been drinking diet coke non-stop and have lost weight in phase one.

I know what you mean about no inch loss and your normal variation though - I have lost over half a stone in two weeks and I don't think I look or feel any different.

Keep going ok! I wish we had all the cool restaurants you guys talk about here in the UK. Someone mentioned an Arby's bowl? I'd take a trip to the US just for Ponderosa....

maybe that;s why I'm on a diet
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SBD Phase 1 oopsies - Weight Loss Help Forum

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