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weight watchers diet : weight watchers point values

Weight Watchers Point Values

Weight Loss Help > Weight Watchers > Weight Watchers Points Values

Weight Watchers Point Values Examples

Weight Watchers Point Values, the table below contains some sample weight watchers point values, collected from the web, and submitted by our users.

Weight Watchers Point Values - Links

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Weight Watchers Point Values - for home cooking

You can find more information about the weight watchers points forumla by going the the US patent website and searching for patent 6,040,531.

The weight watchers forumla to calculate points values of foods is:

POINTS(R) = (calories/50) + (fat grams/12) - (fiber grams/5)

Useful information can be found in the forums on the official weight watchers web site. For more point values information weight watchers cook book is the essential resource.

3 tablespoons1 Point
1/2 cup Flour2.5 Points
3/4 cup Flour4 Points
1 cup Flour5 Points
1 table spoon Sugar1 Point
1/4 cup Sugar4 Points
1/2 cup Sugar8 Points
3/4 cup Sugar12 Points
1 cup Sugar16 Points
1 table spoon Oil4 Points
1/4 cup Oil16 Points
1/2 cup Oil32 Points
1 cup Oil64 Points
3 Egg Whites1 Point
1 Whole Egg2 Points
Evaporated Skim Milk
1/2 cup Evap. Skim Milk2 Points
3/4 cup Evap. Skim Milk4 Points
1 cup Evap. Skim Milk5 Points
1 can 98% Fat-Free Cream of Mushroom Soup5 Points
1 can 98% Fat-Free Cream of Celery Soup3 Points
1 can tomato soup2.5 Points


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Weight Watchers Point Values

Weight Watchers Recipes

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weight loss help : weight watchers diet : weight watchers point values

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